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Cocktails, Wine, & Desserts

» National S’mores Day Recipes
» Cocktails for Smoke Lovers
» Barbecue Flavor You Can Drink
» BBQ with Wine
» Dessert Meets Grill
» S’mores
» More Desserts

Brines & Curing

» Battle of the Birds: Brining vs. Injecting
» The Science of Brining
» Taking the Cure: Of Nitrites, Prague Powder, and Other Curing Salts
» How to Use Curing Salts for Curing and Smoking

Meat & Ribs

» Beef Brisket Made Easy
» The 10 Best Steaks for Unleashing Your Inner Caveman
» The Year of the Brisket
» 12 Things You Need to Know About Tri-Tip
» What Is Grass-Fed Beef and What’s So Great About It?
» How to Choose the Best Ribeye (Cowboy) Steaks
» In Praise of Pork Chops
» Boston Butt Basics
» In Praise of Pork Shoulder: How to Buy It
» Raichlen on Regional-Style Ribs!
» 22 Rib Tips! Up Your Game with Slabs & Bones


» Do Chicken Breasts Deserve Their Bad Rap?
» Chicken Trumps Beef
» How to Carve a Turkey
» Talking Turkey: The Raichlen 12-Step Program for Taking Your Holiday Bird Over the Top
» The Secrets to the Best Thanksgiving Turkey Ever
» Authentic Jerk Turkey

Rubs, Sauces, & Marinades

» Make Any BBQ Rub with the Rub Matrix
» Do-It-Yourself Barbecue Rubs
» 8 Must-Try Regional Barbecue Sauces
» Sauces, South American-Style
» The Salsas of Mexico
» The Barbecue Sauces of Europe
» DIY Jerk Wet Rub & Sauce


» 6 Things You Need to Know About Buying Shrimp
» (Salmon) Candy is Dandy
» Clam Meets Grill
» What Every Griller Needs to Know About Clams

Smoking Techniques

» Reverse Searing: Godsend or Gimmick?
» The Art of Smoking
» The 3-2-1 Method for Ribs
» Smoking on the Grill
» Easy Steps for Authentic Jerk

Wood, Fuels, & Tools

» The Smokers of Project Smoke
» Pimento Wood
» The Art of Smoking
» Grilling With Wood
» Charcoal
» Charcoal From Around the World
» Pimento Wood Charcoal
» Propane
» Buying a Grill or Smoker? 8 Questions to Ask Yourself